About Us

We identify, target, acquire and retain customers, utilizing proprietary technology and a unique system-based approach, maximizing online customer acquisition ROI for our clients.

So what do we really do?

Our specialty is online customer acquisition.  But we do it differently than the other guys.  We utilize our own proprietary system — the Optimum Pull® and Optimum Push® customer acquisition methodologies.   HIMOP®, our patent-pending system of customer acquisition incorporates both the Optimum Pull® and Optimum Push® systems into one singular, proprietary optimization process.

HIMOP® stands for Holistic Internet Marketing Optimization Process and incorporates optimization into ALL elements of the customer acquisition process from start to finish.  Legitimate optimization should include all customer touch points in the online marketing process.

Optimum Interactive’s value proposition promises optimum execution and delivery in ALL phases of online customer acquisition.  From identifying the optimal target market to ensuring that the data capture or conversion is executed with maximum efficiency.

We provide our customers a customized “build-to-suit” competitive advantage in online customer acquisition marketing.

Can you benefit from Optimum’s services?

  • Has your target market been optimally selected based on a subjective, potentially outdated demographic profile? If not, what criteria have you been utilizing in selecting your target market?
  • Has your site been optimized for “Pull” advertising (search, lead generation) including paid search and organic search? Are you utilizing all elements of “pull” marketing effectively?
  • Has your “Push” advertising (display, email) been optimized at every level, including creative, site, category and network levels?
  • Are you utilizing Real-Time Bidding (RTB), ad exchanges and retargeting platforms effectively?
  • Have your landing pages been optimized?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we can help you get more out of your customer acquisition efforts.

We can help you be Optimum.

Contact us today.

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