Who We Are

Optimum Interactive Media provides a system-based approach to online customer acquisition.  Utilizing our own patent-pending technology, Optimum Interactive incorporates optimization into ALL elements of the customer acquisition process.   We believe that legitimate optimization should include all “touch points” in the online marketing process from start to finish, not just pieces of it.  Think of it as “Surround Sound” Optimization (SSO®).

From integrated media campaigns to customized lead generation platforms, Optimum Interactive Media’s value proposition promises optimum execution and delivery in ALL phases of online customer acquisition.

From identifying the optimal target market to ensuring the data capture or conversion is executed with maximum efficiency, our proprietary technology and unique system-based approach will deliver you more customers at a lower effective cost.

It’s that simple.


Patent-pending system of customer acquisition that incorporates both the Optimum Pull® and Optimum Push® customer acquisition methodologies into one singular, proprietary optimization process.

Custom Lead Generation Platforms

Our custom publishing proprietary lead generation websites attract super-targeted visitors and generate highly qualified leads for our clients.

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